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An emergency lighting central system type CZB

The CZB system gives you:

Minimal servicing and using cost

Full automatic control
Minimal montage time
Minimal energy cost because of high-tech electronic

Environmental friendly, because of modern batteries with gas recombination

Elastic building based on 19’’ system

Communication with all kind of BMS available

Clear interface with “Intuition Tough” where next move is based on privies one.

It can supply all kinds of emergency lighting: emergency route lighting, anti-panic lighting, high- risk area, Dedicated Escape System and Dynamic Light System.

The system based on all international standards like VDE, NFPA, EN, BS etc.

The system can change the escape terms whatever the fire situation on emergency route is changing (e.g. the emergency route is on smoke or the fire is on the emergency stairwell). Also the systems may be reprogrammed whatever the using of building changes.

The system is being used in all kinds of buildings, e.g. hospital, shopping centre, theatre, military area, production area, etc.

After using ADR monitoring modules in illuminators one can have full monitoring of illuminators.

The system can supply 22kVA current.

The operation time can be dedicated to each illuminator.

The system has got the central computer module (CUE) has large 4 row back lighted LCD display, with RS 232 interface in standard. It is a printout of all important data i.e.: Events, Faults & entire Log book via integrated. Also Centronics interface in standard. There is a Log book memory for more than 2 years.

When it is needed one cannot change the arrangements without password.

Start arrangements can be changed.

For each output lines or each illuminator one can give, from program or central module CUE, 32 signs which describe this output line or illuminator.

The isolation control module (ISO) shows fault of isolation between feeding line and grounding according to IEC 60364-5-56

The steering and supply module UM 2x4A 3x4A 1x6A is end circuit module for 19’’ inch racking system.

Available in 2x4A (2x 760W), 3x4A (3x760W), 1x6A (1140W)

Freely programmable for type of luminarie supervision i.e. Individual or Line current.

Freely programmable for designation of mode of operation per circuit i.e. M, NM, M switched.