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The company produces modern emergency lighting system. IN Polish law an emergency lighting consists on emergency route lighting, high- risk lighting area, anti-panic lighting and reserved lighting.

The emergency lighting systems have got modern construction based on 19’’ module, which gives the opportunity to fulfil any Investor’s request, even the most difficult.

The emergency lighting systems (central batteries) can be used in both small buildings, where for an emergency lighting are being used, for example 12 illuminators with electronically ballasts; and the big one such as: hospitals, shopping centres, producing areas etc.

Central batteries produced by Cholemaster might be used both as an emergency lighting system and as high- risk lighting area system, because any illuminator can be dedicated for proper use (e.g. the operation time).

The system of Cholemaster has high-tech intelligence and unlimited steering any illuminator, so You can steer the lamp whatever You want and, in the same place, the emergency installation is simpler and more transparent.


With us this situation will never happen